Rasa X installation on CentOS Linux

Creating great AI assistants is still really hard

Installing Pip:-

wget https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py

python get-pip.py


pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url https://pypi.rasa.com/simple

pip install utils

Error : no matching distribution found for aiohttp =3.5 (from rasa-x)

Need to update python 2.7 to latest:


yum install -y https://centos7.iuscommunity.org/ius-release.rpm

yum update

yum install -y python36u python36u-libs python36u-devel python36u-pip

python3.6 -V

python3.6 get-pip.py

pip3.6 install utils

pip3.6 install setuptools

pip3.6 install rasa-x –extra-index-url https://pypi.rasa.com/simple

rasa init —> To create new project

rasa shell –> to start the created project

rasa init –no-prompt

rasa x –to start


pip install -U spacy

python -m spacy download en